• Plant food to enhance compost for gardening, flowers, vegetables, cannabis, landscapes, fruit trees, and nut trees.
  • We also do brush mowing and blackberry mowing for fire protection in Medford and the Rogue Valley.
  • ​Wildfire can spark easily. Brush, brambles, dry grasses, berry patches, and buckbrush all make fuel ladders into taller trees and structures.
  • One spark and a breeze and POOF a WILDFIRE.

At Let's Grow Oregon we make plant foods for rural property owners and landscape and gardens.

   Plant Food


Soil Amendments

                                       3 Sisters

            First Amendment

       "The Freedom to Root"

Use First Amendment to boost nitrogen and nourish root growth in soil mix for new plantings or to rejuvenate last year's mix.

                   3 Sisters

          Second Amendment

​     "The Right to Bear Fruit"

Use Second Amendment before first buds appear to boost phosphate and nourish production of buds, flowers, fruits, and vegetables.

Let's Grow Oregon

 At Let's Grow Oregon, LLC, we make high quality soil amendments as plant food for growing cannabis, fruit and nut trees, vines, flowers, and vegetables.   

All of our ingredients are naturally derived, and no chemicals are added to our plant foods.

We also provide rural property maintenance services for farms and small ranches, including mixing and maintaining grow media, and we have available for rental a post hole hammer for fences and vineyard end posts and a narrow gauge seeder to plant cover crops to attract pollinators.

​​​​We deliver in the Rogue Valley​

Shipping is available

We look forward to helping you with all your growing needs. 

​​Paul Palmer

(541) 951-2537