• Plant food to enhance compost for gardening, flowers, vegetables, cannabis, landscapes, fruit trees, and nut trees.
  • We also do brush mowing and blackberry mowing for fire protection in Medford and the Rogue Valley.
  • ​Wildfire can spark easily. Brush, brambles, dry grasses, berry patches, and buckbrush all make fuel ladders into taller trees and structures.
  • One spark and a breeze and POOF a WILDFIRE.

We deliver soil amendments in the Rogue Valley.
                       Shipping is available.​​

  3 Sisters First Amendment

    "The Freedom to Root"

First Amendment has 4% nitrogen, 1.5% phosphate, and 1.5% potash.  This is a great mix for starting new grow media or amending last year's grow media.  It also boosts existing plants by applying as a top dressing or an amendment tea.  First Amendment helps produce strong stems, branches, and leaves that help protect against insect infestations or attacks.

First amendment contains 14 ingredients, the highest concentration listed first:  worm castings, feather meal, alfalfa meal, soy bean meal, cotton seed meal, blood meal, kelp meal, sulfate of potash magnesia, rock phosphate, volcanic ash, oyster shell flour, bone meal, glacial rock dust, and magnesium sulfate.

These trace minerals and meals are broken down by water and consumed by the worms, bacteria, and microbes in your soil, and the long, slow nitrogen release becomes available to your plant's roots.

​Four-pound boxes.............$10.00
Five-gallon buckets............$75.00
Fifty-five-gallon barrels....$750.00

3 Sisters Second Amendment

"The Right to Bear Fruit"

Second Amendment has 4% nitrogen, 6.5% phosphate, and 3.5% potash.   This mix gives a mid-season boost to the production of buds, flowers, fruits, vegetables, and nuts.  Add phosphate-rich Second Amendment before first buds appear.  The higher concentrations of phosphate and potash also help strengthen supporting stems and branches.

Second Amendment contains 14 ingredients, the highest concentration listed first:  bone meal, glacial rock dust, rock phosphate, sulfate of potash magnesia, volcanic ash, oyster shell flour, blood meal, soybean meal, cotton seed meal, alfalfa meal, feather meal, kelp meal, magnesium sulfate, and worm castings.

These trace minerals and meals are broken down by water and become available nutrients, providing a phosphate and potash burst to promote the production of buds, flowers, fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

​Four-pound boxes................$15.00
Five-gallon buckets.............$165.00
Fifty-five-gallon barrels....$1,650.00

Use First Amendment and Second Amendment for fruit and nut trees, cannabis, shrubs, flowers, and vegetables.